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    Comment tool in Acrobat Pro DC


      With a pdf up, I go to the Comment tool, and get a task bar at the top of the page.  I then press "text" on the task bar, and indicated by left click where I want to start the text.  Normally a small drop-down menu shows up at the upper left of the page, which allows me to select font size, etc.  That is until last week.  Now when I indicate where on the page I want to start the text, the drop down menu shows up mostly hidden, with the left three quarters of the menu off the page.  I cannot select font size or type because they are off the page.  How do I get the small drop down menu back on the page?



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          Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

          This is new behavior in the latest version of Acrobat DC. It looks like the properties bar is anchored to the toolbar, and you cannot move this properties bar by itself. You can however move the whole Acrobat window, and that will move this bar as well. You may also want to report this as a bug: Feature Request/Bug Report Form

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            Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

            I did some more digging, and found out how to get the properties bar back on the screen:


            This has to do with showing the labels next to the tool buttons on a Mac. You can turn these labels off by right-clicking (or Ctrl-Clicking) on any of the tool buttons and then de-selecting "Show all labels". The text properties bar will now show up within the Acrobat window. On Windows, it seems that the "Show all labels" function completely hides the text properties bar.


            So, turn the labels off, and you should see the bar in an easy to reach position.