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    Rename Dynamic link - PremiereToAE

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      During editing on Premiere Pro (V9.1), I send in parallel VFX elements in AE (13.6) via Dynamic Link. This allows me to have an overview of my editing, create and repatriate my VFX.

      My final goal is to be able to export an EDL or AAF, with my editing and upper track all my dynamic linkes since after VFX.

      I am exporting from AE all my VFX elements with the same name as those on TL first, in order to retrieve my EDL/AAF on another station and relinked all.


      Off when I create my dynamic link (approximately 60 items for this project), an automatic name is generate: "comp. linked [x]"

      All my compositions in AE and Premiere have the same name that will increment the number of comp Dynamic Link created.


      But when I export an AAF or EDL since my first Timeline, the resulting media elements of my Compositions in Dynamic Link with AE have the same name, all take the name of the project After which I am working my VFX.

      Impossible for me to relinked the EDL/AAF.


      I try to rename in first or After, the name only is "Dynamic Link" not.

      If I change on one, it reflected not the name on the other, and vice versa.


      Do you have a solution to then export an EDL or correct AAF with different names, the names of the composition and not project-related.

      This automatic naming can be changed, given the special character used (. + e) and not suitable for an Edit list.


      Thank you



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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You might consider not using Dynamic Link.

          I'll often just copy and paste a clip or series of clips out of a Premiere timeline and just paste them into AE.

          I render an intermediate file out of AE.

          Then I put the rendered AE file in the Premiere timeline on a track above the original edit.


          That way it's pretty easy to make changes, but I don't have to keep re-rendering the AE file inside Premiere and I don't have to worry about, well, the kinds of issues you're describing.