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    Can the filmstrip show which pictures have invalid GPS data?

    One More Screen Name Level 1

      I am trialling Lightroom CC 2015.


      My camera is a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ60 which has automatic GPS tagging.  Unfortunately (a design feature according to Panasonic) when it has a partial GPS fix, it gives utter rubbish coordinates instead of zeros.  These are either

      17056881°51'12" N 17056881°51'12" E


      16777215°1'0"  16777215°1'0"


      5861°41'18" N 5861°41'18" E


      Lightroom shows that ALL my photos have GPS data, but not whether it is valid or not.  In the software I am using at the moment, I can define a view that puts an image on the thumbnail if the latitude is too high a number.  If I switch, I'd look for that in Lightroom.


      Typically another photo I took seconds later has a good GPS fix and if I can see valid / invalid as I am initially reviewing the latest import of photos for initial triage, I can usually fix the bad ones quickly.


      Is there any way of showing an icon on the preview image on the Filmstrip that these photos have this invalid GPS data?


      (I can zoom out the map and these locations are shown ABOVE the world in the grey area! But then I have to go back and forth between different views)