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    Create collapsible content

    mikiM Level 1
      Is there a component (I would think similar to a panel with a label) for which the content can be shown/hidden by clicking on a +/- icon.

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          ntsiii Level 3
          I do not know of one, but I am just starting with 2.0.

          It would be pretty easy to make one.

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            I think what you need can be done using states in flex 2.0
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              mikiM Level 1

              I'm sure it can be done a few ways. What I would like to see is an enhancement to the Panel component,
              like showContent="false/true" imgSrcUp="..." imgSrcDown="..." imgPosition="left/center/right"
              By default showContent is false and the Panel works the way it works now. If showContent="true" then the user can collapse the panel content (the Title bar is still visible). The collapsing is done by clicking on the image (arrow up/down. or plus/minus) whatever the user wants. To be honest I'm surprised that something like this doesn't exist yet as it's a very common user interface component and very easy to do create in DHTML.

              BTW is the whish list available for Flex 2.0