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    Adobe Digital Editions minimized in taskbar but can't maximize it

    adcooke Level 1

      For some reason Adobe Digital Editions no longer opens on my computer as it used to – the icon is in the taskbar but will not open in maximum view. It will receive downloads from Overdrive but I can’t access them.

      What I have done:

      1. I first ran all my virus checks: Malware Bytes, Norton, Super anti-Spyware
      2. I've logged out and rebooted
      3. Uninstalled & reinstalled


      When I download a book from overdrive pnce it opened in Adobe Digital editions yesterday but it told me i had to authorize it. When I click on authorization I get this message: Activation Server error: code: E_ADEPT_INTERNAL

      However if I go to authorizaton in the menu at top left [the one time it did open from overdrive and asked me to authorize my computer]  it says that my computer is authorized and gave me an authorization #.


      i use a kobo and need my computer to load the books. Help!