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    Recording Captivate using Captivate?

      As far as I can see, you can't recored Captivate with Captivate. I'm assuming that the Captivate tutorials that play back in Captivate (Flash), are either made with a different product, or by using a blank Captivate movie and doing it the old fashion way by putting in screenshots, text boxes and mouse movements manually. Any easier way to do it?

      Also, as a related question, is it ok to use the Captivate tutorials that come with Captivate in a tutorial for instructors? Who do I talk to about that?
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          CatBandit Level 3
          No problem - just open a 2nd instance of Captivate and record the first with the second (or the second with the first - grin).

          I don't know who you would talk to about using Adobe-owned materials in your own commercial efforts ... but Captivate was created just to make it easy to create your own, so why not do that, instead? In any case, best of luck!

          Welcome to the User Community, jlewis001!
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            Hi jlewis001and welcome to our community

            As fellow Adobe Community Expert Larry (AKA resident Captivate GURU and all around nice guy) pointed out, it's pretty easy to do using the second instance of Captivate.

            I know I know, so why am I posting? Well, just thought I'd also toss in the little fact that you can only do this to a certain extent. For the largest part, you can. But where the process may break down on you is if you want to record the actual Captivate recording process. Only a single recording process can occur at a time. So for example, you can't kick off one session of Captivate recording say Microsoft Paint, then have the second process recording the actual recording process (where you see the red recording rectangle).

            Cheers all and I can't say this enough... It sure is good to see CatBandit back in our community. (wild applause....)

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              Thanks for the help.
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                Yes, it is great to see Larry back. Cheers to the CATBANDIT!


                Boxing Boom
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                  Where I've been, they didn't allow that particular libation "Boom", but I'm walking on my own now, so ...


                  Have a great day, and thanks again Guys!!