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    why do you need authorisation on your own Digital Books? !!!


      Why is it that people in this world have to make things so bloody awkward and complicated when simplicity would suffice?


      Although I had (it appears so ?) to have my computer authorisation to run Adobe Digital Editions.

      But when I wanted to open a book that I had downloaded ages ago would you believe I needed further authorisation.


      Guess what!

      I done so  and it doesn't work!


      Apart from untold frustation, these books are on my computer and should be able to gain access in my leisure  without this B.S!



      I like to know whether someone else has these problems?



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          Nanaky Level 5

          The Authorize was a which to protect the ebooks. Normal you authoirze your Digital Edition with your Adobe ID and download the eBook. So you can move the files to diffent device which authoirze with the same adobe id. The problem beginn when you work before with no ID. Then the eBook can read only on the device how has download first and this device authorize the first. book first download?


          Has you the old eBook download and open first without a Adobe ID?