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    New to Lr and all of my folders somehow on my desktop!

    Big Swifty 23

      I'm new to Lightroom and not the most computer savy guy in the room. I used the plugin to move my library from Aperture. It was managed but I switched to referenced before using the plugin. I've spent the last few hours tidying up since my Aperture projects imported into Lightroom as folders and not collections. I read online a suggestion to not mess with folders and use collections so my plan is to have a folder for each year that holds all of that years photos and then a collection set for each year filled with collections that would represent what were formerly projects.


      The desktop on my MacBook Pro was not visible due to open windows, etc.. Things started slowing down and when I hid everything from the desktop I see that all those folders are not in my pictures folder but on the desktop. I have no idea how this happened as when I created new folders I created them in my Pictures folder.


      Is the solution as simple as opening a finder window and dragging and dropping these folders from the desktop into the pictures folder? What caused this in the first place and how can I avoid this happening in the future when importing off a memory card.


      Apologies for such basic questions, but I've always been more of a user of my computer than an organizer - if that makes sense. The simpler and more intuitive the better - one of the reasons I went with a Mac when I started with computers. Don't want to move things around without knowing what exactly what I'm doing and potentially making things worse.

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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          Yes, the folder location is easily fixed.


          Using Finder, move the folders from your "desktop" to a more appropriate folder.

          Afterwards, go to the Folders panel in the LR Library module, right-click on the now "missing" top-most folders and tell LR where you moved them to. LR will reconnect everything under the folder.


          When importing your images from memory cards, pay attention to your "destination folder" on the right side of the Import dialog.


          A years worth of images in one folder is probably a bad idea as file system performance drops when too many files are placed into a single folder. Organizing by individual days would be best, organizing by month would be better than nothing.

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            Big Swifty 23 Level 1

            Thanks for the response. What would a "more appropriate" folder be and where would I put it? A newly created folder within my "pictures" folder? Should I have just left the folder structure as imported from Aperture as is and done any organizing strictly in the collections area?