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    Interactive PDF publish to web problems- sound buttons won't play over each other, and ugly gray boxes are visible


      When I export my interactive pdf and open the html or swf file, it works exactly the way I want it, however it will only work on my computer because I have all the links and resources on my computer included in a zip file. The only way I can get others to view it seems to be by uploading the zip file to dropbox, and having others download and then extract the files, which is inconvenient. I would like to embed the interactive pdf on a website or blog so it will work right on the page without users having to download all the recources The new publish to web feature seems like it may be a good solution, however when I try to publish it, it does not work correctly.


      Screenshot (148).png

      My project involves playing multiple audio files over each other, so if a user clicks a button the sound plays, and if you click another button the first sound won't stop, they will play together. So for example, if you click the top button, a beat will play, and if you click the guitar underneath, a guitar sound will play over the beat. This works fine on my computer in the swf or html, but for some reason when I publish to web, it will only play one sound at a time. The beat will just stop playing if you click any of the instruments, which makes the whole project pointless. Another issue is I can't seem to take away the grey boxes without taking away it's ability to make sound. The first picture is what it's supposed to look like, and here is what it looks like when I publish to the web:


      Screenshot (147).png


      Also, as you can see, it doesn't export as an interactive pdf file, it exports as an indd file. It is clickable and interactive however, just with some bugs.


      Can someone either help me fix the settings in the publish online feature, or teach me another way to embed the project on a blog or site?

      Thanks in advance.


      [Read https://forums.adobe.com/docs/DOC-7273]

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