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    Crop marquee tool seems to be missing in Acrobat Pro DC (OSX CC)

    Edward Lipsett Level 1

      In previous versions of Acrobat I could click on the crop tool and draw a marquee on the PDF image to define the boundaries of the crop.
      Or, I could go to the crop spec screen and tell it to crop white space, or manually set the four margins, or other things.


      The newest version of Acrobat Pro DC, installed on an OSX machine through CC, only seems to offer the second option... there does not seem to be any way to just draw the desired crop marquee on the image.


      Am I overlooking something?
      Or is this just the way it is now?


      And if this is just the way it is and I'm stuck with it, I would really, really, REALLY, like to get the old crop marquee back. I do a lot of work on A1- and A2-size layouts with complete pamphlets inside, and being able to quickly crop out one particular page is essential.


      Thanks for your time.


      Edward Lipsett

      Fukuoka, Japan