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    RSL Nightmare !

      RSL Nightmare

      Here my context:

      - more flex projects (Flex data services + Compile application on the server).
      - several libraries.

      I want the libraries to be loaded as RSL's.
      So in flex-config.xml I declare these libraries in
      external-library-path section to avoid static linkage
      and runtime-shared-libraries too, to indicate
      their urls.

      Everything works fine at runtime.
      But in Flex builder, I lose the code completion facility,
      because I think Flex Builder loads my libraries only when
      they are declared in library-path.

      According to the documentation library-path is
      used for static linkage, but it seems, after many
      tests, that library-path and
      external-library-path are not exclusive.
      While using both, I take the advantage to use the
      code completion, and according to the size of
      my generated application, the libraries are
      dynamically linked (the size was compared against a
      static linkage configuration).

      Are my assertions right ? If so, is it the proper way to solve that problem ?