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    Dreamweaver not showing assets in library



      • I'm doing one of Adobe's web design tutorials on my iMac. I am using Dreamweaver's trial version. All going well except for the library:
      • The tutorial supplies me with colours and images (assets) via a link. I'm told to save these colours and images to creative cloud (via a link on the top right of the page with the assets), which automatically saves them to my Adobe library. Done.
      • I'm then told that these (the colours and images) will automatically show up on Dreamweaver's library panel (My library), which it DOESN'T. They DO, however, appear on my DOM/Assets panel.
      • I make sure Creative Cloud is properly installed on my desktop, and that in the quickstart guide of Creative Cloud, "sync files to creative cloud" is selected.
      • In my ADOBE ACCOUNT I make sure that the files are in my library, but there's still no sign of them on my Library panel in Dreamweaver - only in the assets panel.
      • I need them to show up in the library panel, as the tutorial says I have to make use of this panel to edit the colours!!

      Please help