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    Why does my video look different after exporting it in after effects?

    coolhandluke6767 Level 1

      I did some editing to a video on after effects, and after exporting the video I noticed that the video looked a little less vibrant compared to the original footage. So I compared and sure enough the exported video was a little washed up (whitish) looking in comparison. Its very subtle but yet noticeable to me. So I thought maybe it was some effect I did that had changed the footage.


      So I started over, and uploaded the original file into a new project. Then without doing a single thing, I exported it directly to my desktop. The footage still looked different. I also double and tripple checked that they are both the same files. (Quicktime MIV) Is there something I missed while exporting? I will say that this is my first attempt in exporting a video. I have watched some tutorials and they don't seem to be doing anything different. Hope you guys can help.