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    Setting scripts in the Events Manager


      Hi guys,


      This is my first question here.

      Please forgive me if I have some grammar mistakes.


      I am building a plugin for Photoshop CC which includes several jsx scripts and a CEP HTML Panel.

      As part of my plugin I would like to activate a jsx script on every action which the user is doing inside the app.

      I managed to achieve it by using the Script Events Manager and settings my script to run on the event "Everything" (See image below).


      My question is if someone knows how I can set my jsx script in the Events Manager automatically upon the installation of my plugin.

      I am not talking about copying the script to the destination folder (presets/scripts/).


      The flow that I seek is as follow:

      1. The user installs my plugin from https://creative.adobe.com/addons
      2. The user enables the plugin by going to Windows->Extensions->MyPluginName
      3. When my CEP Panel loads he calls a jsx script (which is included in the plugin).
      4. The jsx script (from the 3rd step) sets another jsx script (which is also included in the plugin) to run on every action which the user is doing within the Photoshop app.


      I need an automatic solution to the fourth step. Anyone...?





      I am familiar with the Script Events Manager.xml file but adding my script to the list is a partial solution.

      I am seeking for a fully automatic background solution.