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    Creative Cloud/After Effects Constant Login Request

    TavTHF Level 1

      Hi there,


      I have a problem that is starting to drive me nuts.


      Every time I render something in After Effects, the program won't render again until I restart AE. If I try rendering a second comp directly after finishing a render, the Creative cloud licence utility appears in running services and shuts down all multi threads.


      What's worse, is I then have to exit AE and login to my creative cloud account before I can render again!


      I've looked online for all Creative Cloud login remedies including making sure creative cloud is up to date, deleting the ODLL folders or whatever they''re called from %AppData% and even had Adobe tech support screen share to fix the problem.


      All machines are running Windows 10 and this problem is across the entire studio. All windows 10 machines have the same issue ...