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    CR2 images have dissapeared.


      Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone can help regarding a lightoom issue. I'm using a Mac.

      For some reason a few days ago I opened LR to find all of my images had disapeared.

      I then searched in 'all my files' in the 'pictures' folder on my Mac and located the CR2 files from Lightroom. Not realising they werent jpegs, I dragged some images out of the pictures folder and placed them on my desktop, thinking I could Re-import them back to LR.

      Once I went back in to Lightroom through another shortcut, all of my images were now visible, however the CR2 files that I had dragged out arent visible anymore and when I try to open them in Photoshop from the desktop folder, it says they're not supported by the installed version of camera raw.

      Does anyone know how I can get these images back in to lightoom and in jpeg format so I can open them?

      With thanks, Amy.

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          Put those images back in the original folders they were in.


          Right the version of Photoshop you are using doesn't have the proper version of Adobe Camera RAW to read those RAW files from your newer Canon camera.


          I suggest you stop using Finder to move images around that are already imported into LR. All that does is confuse LR.

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            AmyAllday Level 1

            Thanks so much for getting back to me.

            I did return the images back in to the pictures folder and they are now visible in there along with all of the other CR2 images, however they aren't back in LR. The collections folder in LR is there, but the photo space is empty. I thought returning the images back to the original file would make them visible in LR again, however they aren't.

            Is there any way i can convert a CR2 file to Jpeg?

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              dj_paige Level 9

              Could you show us a screen capture of the problem?

              FAQ: How do I capture and post a screen shot or video?


              I may be misinterpreting your description, but it sounds to me like you have opened the wrong catalog (probably accidentally). If you go to File->Open Recent and select each item in that list, do you find a catalog that does show your photos?


              Is there any way i can convert a CR2 file to Jpeg?

              Pure conversion from one format to another is possible only via importing the photo into Lightroom and then exporting as another format. But if Lightroom can't find the files, this can't be done.

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                AmyAllday Level 1

                Hi, i have tried opening all catalogues and the catalogue is visible, but the images aren't in LR anymore. (they are sitting in this 'all my files' folder on my mac.

                I am missing around 800 images from this one collection and even though the folder is still on LR, the images are blank with a on them. So it seems as though the CR2 image/s have not appeared back in the catalogue even when i returned them.


                I can locate these images in 'all my files' and they are there along with over 13,000 over CR2 images, but they just won't appear back in LR.


                Is there tech help for LR on the phone at all?


                Or someone who can connect to my computer and search through it?


                Thanks again, Amy.

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                  Chetna Srivastava Adobe Employee

                  Hi Amy,


                  You should relocate those images which shown an exclamation mark to be able to work on them.

                  Follow the steps in this article to relocate:

                  How to find missing photos in Photoshop Lightroom