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    What other options are available to Acrobat DC users who get no answers?


      For months I have been trying to get an answer to a problem I am having with Acrobat DC. This is my question of 13 May:


      Has anyone had problems with portfolio files holding digitally signed documents?


      I asked this months ago and got a couple of replies that did not solve the probem. Submitted the question again 2 weeks ago on May 13th and still have no reply. I suspect that Adobe knows of this problem but will not openly admit it - bad for the share price, etc. etc.


      Since I work for a company that has bought  50 Acrobat licenses, I should expect that we have put in enough money to warrant proper support. If you search for help on the Adobe site, you are told that the Acrobat DC product is not entitled to telephone support. There is no mention of an email address and you are directed to "The Forums". But if "The Forums" do not respond, what other options does one have?


      This is where one starts losing patience. Hence my question to the forum: are you getting impatient with this kind of support and do you expect better? do you know a better way of getting in contact with Adobe? the CEO's private cell phone? Pray tell.