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    How to get roman numeral in TOC

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      I have run into a brick wall wrt numbering.



      I have a cover page (no number), followed by a toc (need roman numeral), and chapters (arabic numerals).roman numerals.PNG



      I wish the numbering on the cover page to be in roman numerals.



      The workflow that i am followin to accomplish this is as follows:



      Select the page.

      Go to Layout -- numbering and section options

      In the dialog box, direct my attention to 'Document Chapter Numbering' and from the 'Style' dropdown select roman numerals.



      I was wondering if you cld help me point out where im going wrong here.



      Attached is the screenprint of my workflow.





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          BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

          It looks like you are setting this up as a single file and not multiple files in an InDesign book file? If so:


          Guessing that you want to count the cover page but not see a number it...


          1. Right click on page 1 (or if I guessed wrong on page 2) > Numbering and Section Options
          2. Start page numbering at 1, Style: i, ii, iii, iv
            InDesign CCss_004.png
          3. Right click the first page of the first chapter > Numbering and Section Options
            InDesign CCss_005.png
            If you actually have a book with multiple InDesign docs, you handle the numbering from the Book panel menu, using the same steps:
            InDesign CCss_007.png

            When you generate the TOC it will pick up the numbering style used on the pages.
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            ashimg23377171 Level 1

            Thank you v much Barb. That works.


            Just one quick query, How do i access the Book menu panel on InDesign that's installed in Windows.