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    Lightroom 6 panoramas end up small

    Spitfire CH87 Level 1



      I'm using LR6 2015.5.1 and expierenced some strange problems, when merging .dng files into a panorama.


      Lightroom stitches the photos perfectly, but the file becomes "very" small. For example I tried to stitch three D810 files 7360x4912. The output panorama size is only 6703x4134? So about 27Megapixels. One D810 file is 36,2 Megapixels... Why does it become so much smaller?


      I never realize, that I had the same issues with my Canon 7DII. So I tried to stitch four files (5472x3648) and the panorama ended up being 8450x3339? 28 Megapixels.


      Is Lightroom not able to stitch panoramas bigger than 27-28 Megapixels?


      Any solution? Suggestions?