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    Indesign button option



      In indesign cc, how to fix next page in button options. I need only particular page.




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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Please tell us the version of InDesign you're using and what computer platform.


          Your description is very terse and hard to understand. Could provide more information about your problem. How are you using buttons—for PDF output? for Flash output? For EPUB or Publish Online output?

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            senthilk122193 Level 1

            I'm converting to a Interactive PDF... Actually I have five text boxes and I have to create five buttons... for example "Summary & Credits" are buttons... If I click the Summary button the summary text should appear... if I click the credit button then the credit text should appear... all the text boxes are kept in same page of Indesign and using buttons I have created above mentioned in the PDF. So when I look at the PDF there will be two(actually five) buttons at the left "Summary & Credits". The PDF will show the content of Summary page since it is the first button...if I click the second button "Credits" it will show the credits text. My problem now is the Credits page text runs on two pages, so I have to keep a NEXT button at the bottom of the Credits page 1 and when I click it it should go to the Credits Page 2 and Vice versa... I kept a text box with NEXT and converted to Button to show the Credits page 2 but this NEXT button views in all pages like Summary and other pages... How to keep this NEXT button only on the Credits page? Also how to link a paragraph text to a new page?

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              Jeffrey_Smith Most Valuable Participant

              For PDF, a button action can not go to a specific page, this option is for SWF and HTML5 only.


              For PDF, you can go to a "Destination" in which the destination is a specific page.