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    Sluggish response when writing signature on Surface


      When I try to create a new signature in Adobe Acrobat on a Microsoft Surface Pro 4, using the pen to write on the screen, the response is terrible. The line lags behind the pen by seconds and misses most of the detail.


      This sluggish response is only when writing signatures. Using the pen for anything else, either in Acrobat or other software on the Surface, works perfectly.


      Are there settings in Acrobat for this? I haven't found any.


      We have 4 identical systems and this problem occurs on all of them, and have not been solved by updating Windows 10 or Adobe Acrobat to the latest version.


      Does anyone else have this problem or know how to solve it? At the moment I've loaded a signature using an image, but it's anoying to not be able to use this feature.