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    Indesign ME - Conflicts with other fonts when using CJK fonts

    Jimmy Leonardsson

      I have found a bug in Indesign ME (Replicated in 5.5 ME and 4 ME) when using a pan-CJK font called Source Han Sans (created by Adobe).

      This is not an issue in Indesign CS6 or CC international versions, only seem to affect the ME version.


      The error occurs when using the Japanese language-specific subset OTF version of Source Han Sans. When using the non-subsetted font that includes pan-CJK support it works.


      The Japanese glyphs are shown correctly but other glyphs that are using different fonts and langauges on the same row are not rendered properly.

      They become tofu blocks.


      The reason why we are using ME is that we are creating designs that contains descriptions in multiple languages and it has been working well in the past.

      We are using 5.5 because our Chinese providers can't use CC because of law requirements.


      Dr. Ken Lunde from Adobe that is the creator of Source Han Sans told me that this seems to be a software issue. I might be breaking new ground here by using the ME version for CJK.


      Do anyone know why this is happening and is the only solution to change software or change font?


      You can read the whole conversation I had with Ken on the Source Han Sans Github page here:

      Source Han Sans is corrupting other font glyphs in InDesign 5.5 ME · Issue #152 · adobe-fonts/source-han-sans · GitHub