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      I signed up for the 10 images free adobe stock trial, and ended it WELL within the trial period.  I later find that adobe has charged my paypal account a 176.91 CANCELATION fee and has made several attempts to with withdraw it from my bank, so now I have 2 bank fees (because I didn't quite have that amount in the account connected to my paypal acct.) On top of that paypal has disconnected my bank and I am in bad standing with them because adobe tried to take out the fee several times.


      I talked with tech support over a week ago, and they assured me that a refund would be given, and the fees to my bank would be paid for...None of that has happened I finally put more money in that account, and OF COURSE adobe takes 176.91 cancelation fee out! I am in a horrible place right now in regards to falling victim to Adobe's SCAM I dont understand why Adobe feels the need to scam people with all of the great product they have.


      I talked with a different tech support person today, who gave me the same run around, and told me the refund would be issued and that the "senior support" team would send me an email in 24hrs. Really???? I am still waiting on emails from a week ago...


      This was advertised as a "commitment free" trail, but this is completely false, and false advertising at it's best! Don't advertise a trial, and charge a fee for canceling the TRIAL WITHIN THE TRIAL PERIOD.


      I hope that tech support actually resolves my issue this time...or will I wait another week not NOT get any communication regarding the matter???


      Don't ever do adobe trails...they are scams