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    Loader component and MP3 player

      Hi everyone, Ive got a couple of odd problems.

      1. I'm using the load component with two buttons to load two different pictures, button one has the code:

      on(release) {
      myLoader.contentPath = "lyle1.jpg";

      and button 2 has

      on(release) {
      myLoader.contentPath = "lyle2.jpg";

      Both pictures are in the same directory as the flash and swf file. When I 'test' the movie picture 1 loads fine but when I hit button two it doesn't load the second pic and it leaves a blank space. However, when I preview the movie in HTML both pics load fine. I then exported the movie to test it in Dreamweaver and NONE of the pictures woul load. Do you think I have to actually publish the site before the pics will load?

      2. I'm having a problem with my MP3 player. When I 'test' the movie or preview in HTML for some reason clicking the play button doesn't start the first song even though the song name is displayed. To ge the song to play I have to drage the progress bar along a little, this is the same for each song in the xml playlist. HOWEVER, when I export the movie and open up the swf file, the songs play when I click on play. I tried testing the player in Dreamweaver, but 'undefined' appears in the display box and no music is heard, again Im presuming you cant test these kind of thing sin Dreamweaver until the site and folders have actually been uploaded.

      Any thoughts?

      Here's the code for the mp3 play button:
      on (release) {
      if (playing == undefined or playing == false) {
      music = new Sound(this);
      title = tracks.firstChild.childNodes[nodeNum].attributes.name;
      if (pause == true) {
      pausePos = ((slider.dragger._x/100)*music.duration)/1000;
      music.start(pausePos, 0);
      pause = false;
      } else {
      music.start(0, 0);
      playing = true;