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    16 Bit U / 32 Bit U (footage turned green, low low low frame rate per second)


      Hey everyone.



      So I am currently working on a project, and as I have progressed - I've imported more clips into the project and I've noticed something wrong. The first clip I was editing was fine, the footage is visible, everything works. However, as I import more different video files, nothing would show except a green background (in addition, the frames per second were extremely low, for ex. 0.051, 0.042 etc.)


      I've noticed as I am trying to investigate this, that the "working" file that I already edited was in 32 Bit U, while the other clips I imported was only 16 Bit U.


      Is there any way in fixing this issue quickly? I am in a serious deadline. Thanks,


      More additional info:


      After Effects CC 2014

      29.97 FPS composition

      File clips work perfectly normal on my other Laptop (AND with the clips showing that it's in 32 Bits) [16 Bits is shown on the PC I am currently using]



      Here are some screenshots as to what I am saying:


      Working Clip:



      Not Working Clip:




      Please reply ASAP if you know the solution to this !!