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    Photoshop CS 6 not opening Nikon RAW files


      Running Windows 10 PRO. Installed CS6 and ran updates. Running 13.01. x 64.


      Camera RAW plugin is Downloaded 9.1.1. zip and ran that but get error message "Error opening file fro writing c:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\PLugins\CS6\File Formats\Camera Raw.8bi. If I ignore that the installer runs and tells me it has been installed but that does not show up in CS6 .


      Still get this error msg trying to open raw files.


      I see others have had similar issues with varying solutions offered. I tried Live Chat but they simply sent me back here. CS6 ran just fine in W7 64 bit and I had no problem opening my raw files there.


      Does anyone have a fix for this problem?


      Thanks in advance - another frustrated Adobe customer