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    API Request

    innerspaceouterspace Level 1

      It would be extremely helpful to set the framerate on a clip/video/image sequence.


      var shotgunBin = $.pipelineTools.searchForProjectBinItemWithName("Shotgun")[0]

      var bins = shotgunBin.children

      // Shot

      for (var c = 0; c < bins.numItems; c++) {

          // Shot code

          var cssBin = bins[c].children[0]

          for (var s = 0; s < cssBin.children.numItems; s++) {

              var shot = cssBin.children[s]



              shot.setFrameRate('23.97') // This would be awesome to have.

              // You could have a library of acceptable values as strings that could be passed in to account for 29;97 or 29.97 or 24.00

              // Of course having it documented somewhere would be nice too




      There doesn't appear to be a single reliable way to set framerate on a clip/video/image sequence through the API or metadata.



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          Bruce Bullis Adobe Employee

          You're right; there is no reliable way to arbitrarily change the frame rate of project items.

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            innerspaceouterspace Level 1

            So is there a possibility of this being implemented in a future release? We're having to work around this right now and use Premiere defaults that honestly shouldn't be used for this and that still will have the possibility of messing up if the editor doesn't keep track of this default values.

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              Bruce Bullis Adobe Employee

              So is there a possibility of this being implemented in a future release?

              It's software; many things are possible.


              It would appear that you're attempting to re-time existing frame sequences, to different timebases. This errand may be doomed from the start, but to make sure...


              Walk me through the workflow from a user's perspective (either here or directly; bbb@adobe.com), and which defaults are causing you trouble.

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                innerspaceouterspace Level 1

                We're using image sequences as our clips. From here on, clip means image sequence.



                Therefore those image sequences may or may not have metadata whether they were generated by ffmpeg, Media Encoder, Premiere, or anything else. We want them to not have metadata before they're brought in for consistency across the board, so that every clip starts on the same page. You might ask why we would want that - because an image sequence can come from multiple places in our pipeline and we can't guarantee that metadata is going to be there. Right now, Adobe's XMP is only useful for Adobe applications, and that's a closed system. That doesn't work for our needs.



                Because of that, we're stuck using Indeterminate Frame Rate. The IFR will set all clips to whatever it's set to - it's essentially acting as a project default framerate, even though it's not a project setting - it's a default application setting.



                Since we can't set the framerate on clips manually through our import and update process, we have to rely on this value being set correctly - which is bad because we have multiple projects operating at different framerates. Some at 24, some at 23.97, some at 29.97. It's always going to change.



                In addition to having to rely on the editor constantly changing that when switching between projects, we also have to rely on them to adjust clip framerates - when honestly they shouldn't have to, because I should be able to control that for them.



                You might ask where we would pull the information for the clip framerate from? From Shotgun. It's stored in an entity in Shotgun and will always be the master of information. Therefore, when we're importing and updating, we want it to know to set a clip to 23.97 inside of a sequence that's running at 29.97 - And if it changes the framerate on a clip that is already in an active sequence, we want that to occur as well. I know that currently if you drag a clip onto a timeline that doesn't match the sequence settings, it pops up and asks you to change or keep - I would expect it to just keep the sequence settings automatically, or maybe it pops up a suppressible dialog that we can hide.



                The easiest solution to all of this is to give us control of the framerates. It would solve 5 different problems at the same time and ensure correct information throughout the pipeline.