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    Error of Empty parts












      Premiere,  A.E, Encoder has same problem.


      4th layer is perfectly empty, but the image is appearing. not only empty bar but also transparent p.n.g image too.(actually I don't know that involved to empty some file, sometimes It changed not transparent images.)


      when I made the image file before, I used cs6 and make an abrupt appeared. and I changed cc series. the problem had solved.


      but yesterday, I changed c.p.u, graphic card, hard driver etc.. the problem appear now.


      I save as another folder that maybe course's  problem. but It still appear.


      I can see that on preview too, that appeal and suddenly disappear and suddenly appear again.


      I'm using for education cc series and downloaded cc in C drive. It's ssd hard drive.


      simple b.g is fine, I will do make a color bar. but my job is animator. I have to use separate layer.