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    Camera Raw Panel Options Different with Certain Cameras


      I have CC 2015. When I open a raw file from Bridge to Camera Raw, I see a bunch of sliders on the right (color balance, exposure, etc, etc). However, some of the photos from a certain photographer who uses a Canon EOS 5D Mark III camera, have what looks like a much older set of sliders in Camera Raw. Looks like the Camera Raw options I had several versions ago when I opened raw files from my Nikon camera. I also have noticed that the options are not always the same with different shoots from the same photographer. Plus when I bought a new Nikon camera, I noticed the options in Camera Raw were a bit different than they were with my older camera.


      What causes this? I have searched the web and can find no info about this anywhere. How are the options in Camera Raw controlled? Is it the camera's firmware? Is it the software used to get the photos off of the camera? Is it something else? Please tell me how it works, so I can tell the photographer what he needs to do to fix it.