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    Adobe Flash Update


      Adobe Flash Updater popped up today (5/26/16) with an update.  When it was ready to install, of course it asked me to confirm that I'd read the User Agreement.  When I clicked on "read user agreement" instead of the link leading me to a page with the user agreement, it sent me to a page with a list of user agreements for all Adobe software.  When I clicked on the end user agreement for Adobe Flash Updater it was all in Arabic.  I quit the installer and searched for the end agreement on Adobe.com and a search produced the English version.  Do I need to be concerned?  Is there a fake Adobe Flash Updater out there?

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          maria__ Adobe Employee

          The Flash Player EULA is localized in all supported language in a single document, listed in alphabetic order. The English version starts on page 87.


          When launched it's supposed to go to the language based on the system settings. For example,  I'm on Windows 7 using the latest version of Google and the Chrome PDF Viewer.  When I view the EULA it initially displays the beginning of the EULA, in Arabic, but a second or two later, it jumps to the English version.  Not sure why this isn't happening for you.


          • What Operating System, including version do you have?
          • Which browser, including version, are you using?
          • What PDF viewer are you using?
          • Are you viewing in-browser, or standalone?
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            swmartian Level 1

            Apologies.  I am on Apple 10.11.5, using FF 46.0.1, and the in-browser PDF viewer.


            Strikes me as odd that EULA pops up in Arabic first (alphabetically??); but for me, no, it didn't switch.  Stayed in Arabic.  I did go to another EULA in that list (picked at random, I couldn't tell you which one), and that one did pop up in English, with a link at the top to get to the Arabic version.  It just struck me as odd - and I don't usually get an urge to glance over the EULA - not sure what made me decide to this time.  So being a little extra spooked, I thought I should check on the legitimacy...

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              maria__ Adobe Employee

              Arabic is first in the list of supported language, so it's at the top of the list.


              I'll notify the team that handles the online documentation that it's not jumping to the appropriate language depending on PDF viewer being used.

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                swmartian Level 1

                Apologies for taking a while to get back to you - and for reading your initial answer too quickly - I did see that you said that it lists Arabic first (alphabetically) as soon as I hit submit on my reply.  It makes sense - I just wanted to confirm.


                As for my plug-in...  Well...  Not as obvious as it should be.  Apparently it's been a while since I cleaned up...  So I have two PDF plug-ins, and both are set at "ask to activate" - not that I'm ever asked, it just works.  I tried deactivating them one at a time to see which one is active, but they both work when the other is deactivated (and FF restarted), and appear to display PDFs identically.  So I don't know which happens to kick in...  (I assume that it is Adobe's, but that may not be a good assumption).  The two are:


                PDF Browser Plugin v.2.4.4

                Adobe Acrobat NPAPI Plug-in v.10.1.16



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                  maria__ Adobe Employee

                  I investigated this further yesterday and found that Firefox (on Windows & Mac) and Safari and Macs Preview software all exhibit the same behaviour - they don't jump to the expected language. Chrome, Opera, IE, and Vivaldi (a new chromium-based browser) all jump to the expected language. I escalated this, however, don't know when it'll be fixed.