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    does cordova.js stand alone...


      ...as a means to access mobile device contacts?  <--that is the short version


      that is the long version-->  I was referred to phoneGap in some of my "contact/address book" searches.  I've read through the phoneGap 'getting started' tutorial.  It says to install the desktop tool or command line tool and to install the mobile app/tool.  And it also discusses packaging up your resulting app files.  All this while I am worrying that my app is going to need a bunch of secondary app files be installed in order to run on a user's phone.  But then I see the almost afterthought of an "about" comment:  Adobe PhoneGap™ is a distribution of Apache Cordova™."  In the sample code I remember seeing the reference to cordova.js  All of this (investigation) originally started as a way to get get cross platform access to mobile contacts?  Can I just use my own development environment and write my own javascript and use cordova.js to access Android and iOS addressbooks with actively using any other phoneGap files.  I guess the follow up that would be, can I start an app in PhoneGap as suggested by the getting started tutorial and then finish with my own tools?



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          kerrishotts Adobe Employee

          In order to use cordova.js, you must also use the Cordova (or PhoneGap) native code wrapper. This is because the two function together in order to create a bridge. You get this when you use PhoneGap Build, the PhoneGap CLI, or the Cordova CLI to build your app.


          Furthermore, in order to gain access to contacts, you need an additional plugin: cordova-plugin-contacts.


          I'm not sure if that helps you or not -- feel free to ping if not.