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    Adobe Pro DC Make Accessible wizard not working


      Hi all,


      I am attempting to use the Make Accessible wizard in Adobe DC to re-mediate image-based PDFs into machine readable files. I can run the wizard, and it tells me that is has enhanced all the scanned pages and performed the OCR. I can highlight now an each word, line or paragraph which is what I expect to see.


      When I enable Adobe Read Aloud, all the pages come back as blank. So just to be sure it wasn't the reader, I opened the document in Adobe reader with JAWS running, and even JAWS reports all pages as being blank.


      I then tried going back to the original image only version of the file, and instead of running the wizard, I ran the elements found under Enhance Scans to OCR the document. I am getting the same "blank" result from that as well. I can however still highlight the individual words so again the OCR did work.....


      Has anyone else run across this? Is there a work around?