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    preloading problem

      hi guys...been a while...nice to be back. Not sure if this will end up being an AS question. I have start.swf as my main movie. Depending on which button you press, an swf (movieA or movieB, depending) will load to an empty mc one level up. All basic stuff i have done before. All "APPEARS" fine locally....however , one of the swfs (movieA) hangs at 98% when tested online. Going back, i tested the site locally, and the comboBox, while populated (trace test), will not interact. I think this must have something to do with the component, as i never use these, and in a pinch, i threw this comboBox into movieA. As icing, this movieA works just fine when alone (both local and online). Anyway, i tried two versions for movieA, one exporting the component to 1st frame, the other not....neither solutions helped....so, is it my code (from main movie)?? Could the component be messing with my mind? Anyone ever seen something like this?