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    Camera Raw will not open

    NaGa 59 Level 1

      I apparently do not understand the relationship of CR with LR and PS. I have updated  LR, PS, and CR versions, and they are compatible with my Olympus camera. I opened the ORF files in LR and PS but CR never opened.  So I converted the ORF files to DNG and they will open in LR and PS but CR will not open. I get no error message, the files go straight to LR and PS. How do I get CR to initiate?  Any idea where to turn next.

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          NaGa 59 Level 1

          Found a round-about method of opening CR. If I exit PS I get a list of prior files opened in PS. If I click of a DNG file CR opens. The problem is that this only happens about one our of 5 times when exiting. Still can not figure out the system.

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            Richard Southworth Level 3

            There is no relationship between LR and Bridge/ACR/PS, other than being able to go directly to PS from LR via the edit menu.


            And there is no way to open an ORF file directly in PS without going thru ACR.  So we're not sure exactly what problem you're describing.  I normally open raw files from Bridge, by right clicking on the desired thumbnail and choosing Camera Raw.  Often that's as far as I go, using Save out of Camera Raw for my final image.  If I need Photoshop capabilities I choose Open from Camera Raw.


            Richard Southworth

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              JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              "If" you are talking about when you go from Lightroom to Photoshop with an image, then in that case Camera Raw will not open. Camera Raw is simply used to interpret the adjustments made using Lightroom and then it converts the image to a format that can be saved either as a PSD or  TIF file depending on your preferences in Lightroom. If you are using Photoshop CC then you have the camera raw filter that you can invoke. If you are using an older version of Photoshop you can open the image from Lightroom as a smart object and then access camera raw from Photoshop.

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                NaGa 59 Level 1

                Thank you,

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                  NaGa 59 Level 1

                  Thanks, slowly but surely I will catch on.