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    Certain tutorials only available to new subscribers?


      I only signed up for CC last month. When I did, on the window that pops up for the CC application, there was a list of tutorials, some hosted by Julieanne Kost and some hosted by some guy sitting at a desk in front of a concrete wall with a succulent on his desk. There were tons of 9-15 minute videos. I've been on AdobeTV and the "Learn and Support" site and didn't see his tutorials (I see Julieann has a bunch on her blog), and nowhere are they organized as well as they were showing up on the CC application window, all video, with a great logical flow to them. Does anyone know what I'm talking about and where I can access that list? Everywhere else seems more confusing with written tutorials mixed in with video. I searched my browser history but they played directly through the CC window so no help there.