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    Fraudulent "update"?


      Doing nothing special on my Win10 pc, in Chrome, an apparently Abobe window opened and told me to update Flashplayer.  This occurs at approx 10:45pm EDT.  Because I always have my browsers display the URL showing where I am, I glance up and see not adobe.com but ...




      I closed the window immediately, then searched for the domain and found ... no hits.

      I can only presume an infection on my pc, so will run Malwarebytes, Windows Defender, and whatever else I can.

      HOWEVER, in case it is *not* a local problem, it only makes sense to alert Adobe and its users by posting the suspicious link.

      - d° ♬

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          maria__ Adobe Employee

          Yes, this is absolutely fraudulent update notification.  Someone reported the same issue on the same domain yesterday and I forwarded that to our fraud department.  Your URL is slightly different and I have forwarded your URL to the fraud department as well.


          I recommend running full scans on your system for malware, virus, etc.