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    Scatter effect not working???


      Hi. I wonder if anyone can help with this. I am doing a simple scatter effect, but it will not work. I apply it to the track, a freeze of an actor, Cut him out etc...But it just won't work! Also the timeline itself when it gets to the effected section, jumps back to the start. I am on a macbook pro, nothing unusual about the project or settings. Any ideas? Am i missing something?



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Without exact settings, in particular which parameter values and their keyframes, nobody can tell you much. You are losing yourself in vague descriptions that don't make much sense.



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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I am guessing you are completely unfamiliar with the shatter effect. Here's how to get it to work. To learn more please type shatter in the search help field at the top right corner of After Effects and check out the community resources.


            I am guessing that you have rotoscoped an actor to separate him from the background and applied a freeze frame to that layer so the actor stops moving and the background is removed. You then want to shatter the actor and leave the background.

            1. Select layer (there are no tracks in AE they are layers) with the actor.
            2. Duplicate the layer and find the point where you want to freeze the action
            3. From the layer menu choose Layer>Time>Freeze Frame
            4. Adjust the in-point of that layer to the keyframe added by time-remapping
            5. Rotoscope your actor using the mask tools
            6. Turn off the top layer and split the bottom layer at the same point. Find a spot in the shot where the actor is not under the first frame so you can fill the hole left when the actor is shattered - the technique depends on your shot and it is why you should shoot a clean plate when you do things like this
            7. Turn on the visibility of the top layer (actor) and pre-compose this layer.
            8. Apply shatter to the pre-comp
            9. Shatter will start in the with the wireframe mode to make it easier to visualize the physics of the effect
            10. Animate the size and position of force 1 by setting keyframes for size and position so the shatter starts when you want it to start
            11. Choose the shatter shape type
            12. Select rendered from the view options to show your shattered layer instead of the wireframe

            Now study up on the Shatter effect using the community resources to improve the effect by learning how to animate the physics, use custom shatter maps and custom shatter particles as well as how to use a comp camera to improve the effect.

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              EllieWells1964 Level 1

              Thanks for the advice. Turns out it was a simple restart that solved it.