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    Boss-Screen script?

    DBLjan Level 3

      Its friday, my work is done, but i cant go home yet. Time for some slacking, browsing the net, checking the smartphone…


      I have an idea for a helpful script, and I hope you ScriptUI-xperts can create this with ease, while my JS-skills are not well endowed.


      The idea:

      A fake print-progress-dialog/palette

      …because InD is unusable while printing.


      The challange:

      A printwindow-look-a-like, which does throw some random strings and pushes some progress bars around.


      The usage:

      I want to browse the net with my smartphone. I call the script, a palette semms to do important stuff, and i cant work InD in that time. My boss comes in, InD is printing, yeah...then its fine you do something in the meantime.


      And please keep it simple, that one can modify the strings to match the used language :-)


      Whos up for it?

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