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    Progressive Flash Video 8

      Hey guys! I went ahead & completed the tutorial Creating a Dynamic Playlist for Progressive Flash Video by Lisa Larson, it works great. But I cant seem to figure out how to create controls that will actually work with this tutorial. It plays all videos but I cant stop it, pause it or mute, etc. Theres a "Streaming " version Tutorial aslo by Lisa Larson that has all of these controls to stop, play, mute the videos from the playlist but Im not doing stream, Im doing progressive download. I cant seem to figure it out & Im getting frustrated, can some one help me out? Is there some kind of action script or something.
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          Rothrock Level 5
          I would suggest going to the next tutorial. Unless you are using a Flash media server (expensive) any "streaming" you do will be a progressive download. I don't know this tutorial, but I imagine that the purpose is to teach you how to make controls.

          Other than that, there are good tutorials at gotoAndLearn.com. I think they were all done with Flash 7, but it should be the same.