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    Digital River Ireland blocking the payment? Eh?


      I've been a happy user of Creative Cloud applications (Photoshop+Lightroom and Premiere Pro) for a year now. As such, my annual subscription has expired and it's time to place an order for a new one. Sounds simple enough, right? Nope!


      So I log into my account, choose a subscription plan, agree to the terms, log into my Paypal and confirm the amount of money to be deduced. Business as usual, stuff you'd see on any other web store. Finally, there's one button to press — 'I confirm'. Aaaand... a message pops up, prompting me to contact support because there's been an error. If I press it again and get 'PAYMENT_CPG_SETTLE_FAILED'. Fine.


      I contact live chat support. They basically blame PayPal and tell me to go 'notify' them about this new transaction. 'Once you have notified them, place a new order again. You will be able to place a new order without any issues'. Full of hope of not failing my deadlines I phone PP customer service. They go through my account and find those unfinished transactions. They sound positively puzzled by this situation: my account is perfectly fine, there's enough money, it's in good standing. Support lady can't clear the transaction on her own; she calls the billing team — they can't clear it either. Apparently, Digital River Ireland (the ones receiving the money, Adobe's reseller in Russia) are not letting it go through.


      So now I'm stuck. Support has been largely unhelpful, telling me to try doing this from a new account (doesn't work) or try another payment method. Sure, I could try my credit card but why should I be obliged to do that? I have no idea how to contact Digital River and ask them about this situation and in all honesty, I think its Adobe support's responsibility to figure this out.


      Has anyone encountered anything similar to this? I'm totally stumped here.