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    CFMAIL problem with hotmail accounts

    SteveG144 Level 1
      I have the following code that should email users who signup for a e-newsletter the opportunity to confirm their subscription:

      <cfmail to="#form.Email#" from="admin@test.com" server="mail.test" subject="Serenity Confirmation" charset="iso-8859-1" mailerid="Serenity" port="25">
      A request to have your email added to the Serenity database in order to receive our e-newsletter has been received. In order to confirm your addition, please click on the link below:


      It seems to display correctly in Outlook, and Yahoo, but in MSN, the url either becomes a 'mailto', or some other link that doesn't work...... plus, in Hotmail/MSN, the system displays the link/http line with:

      http://www.serenityboise.com/verify.cfm?Act=#form.Email# being underlined as a active url link and the rest as just black text.

      Does anyone have a solution for this? Its very frustrating......