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      I keep having so many issues using Adobe Digital Editions. First with the newest version not downloading books and then filling my library with previously returned items via cloud sync. And the same issue with an older Version. I will go to borrow a book from my school library page and it gives me an error like 75% of the time. I have to open my user/appdata/local/temp folder and continue to click the ebook  .acsm file and it will eventually work without an error. Right now I keep getting this error and it will not download at all. Keep in mind Adobe Digital Editions is the only way I can return a borrowed book. If I can't download it, I can't return it, and it stays in my checkout folder. here is the full error. Any Ideas on what I can do to fix this? I have uninstalled it several times and Deleted All registry keys that the program has made, and I still get same errors.


      Unable to download

      Error getting License. License Server Communication Problem:



      2016-05-27 16_25_12-Adobe Digital Editions.jpg