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    Why Windows Phone 8 is deprecated? and Why We don't have Windows C# Template?

    Pallam Madhukar

      Hi Everyone,

      I am very new to this forum and PhoneGap/Cordova development. Recently started working on Embedding cordova for Windows platform.


      When I add wp8 platform from command line, there is warning saying wp8 is deprecated and use windows platform. Now, I am worried to embed cordova in my application. Please suggest me cordova solution for below items:


      1. I have Windows Phone 8 c# application, I want to integrate cordova for few pages. Like charts, etc...

      2. I have Windows 8 c# application, I want to integrate cordova for few pages.


      I can see "Item 1"  is possible but it is deprecated. and I didn't find any useful information regarding "Item 2", I can only find WinJS approach which I can't do.


      I see cordova interested/working to support wide range of platforms. I feel Windows 8/10 should be supported like other platforms(android and iOS). If we understood, The Windows Legacy solutions are converting to UWP apps with a simple MS tool. The Windows Legacy solution and future UWP are written mostly C#/C++. Currently We are supporting Windows 8 with WinJS framework.


      I don't know what is the answers for above. I just put my words to the Cordova for Windows. Please let me know the possibilities?



      Pallam Madhukar