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    Choosing Director for gaming project

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      Hi all

      I'm doing my masters degree in multimedia and for a final group project am
      involved in creating a collaborative game. We are just at the research
      stage and I'm looking into technologies to use. We all have been taught
      Director/basic Lingo and Flash/basic Actionscript, so we had thought that we
      might author some movies in Flash but use Director for more sophisticated
      interactivity. However, doing this research is making me wonder what is the
      best option.

      I'll try to be brief describing the game. It will involve 4 players around
      a table, each having 4 separate tasks to do. Then, when they have each
      completed their task, they will have to collaborate in order to advance to
      the next level of the game. They each have a touch screen to show them
      their movies, and there will be a 5th interface to have the collaboration
      on. So what is involved is a server of some sort to handle the levels (I
      assume!). I thought Director and the Shockwave multiuser server would be
      the perfect options. After researching the Shockwave multiuser server tho,
      it now seems that it's discontinued and there is a new fancy Flash one that
      has video and all sorts of things that I don't think we'll need.

      So the question is, can the older Shockwave multiuser server provide us with
      what we need, or should we consider the Flash technology? The reason I'm
      posting in this newsgroup is that I think it's a general question not to
      warrant specialist advice from the multiuser group. It would also be great
      to get some general feedback on the project, so all opinions welcome!

      Thanks in advance