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    Adobe creative suite 6 crashing iMac


      Has anyone experienced problems with their Adobe creative suite 6 crashing their computer?  I have tried everything thinking it is my computer but I am now thinking it might be my programs.  I have an iMac, 1TB hardrive and 16GB ram, definitely good enough to run all the programs but when I have illustrator, photoshop and inDesign open it will suddenly crash on me.  Completely shut down to a black screen, not freeze, just crash.  I have to unplug from the back of the computer to reset it and then I can usually get it to turn back on.  Please, Please, Please respond if you have experienced this problem.  I just don't know what to do anymore.


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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          IF Mac El Capitan read below


          CS6 and earlier programs have not been tested and will not be updated to run on Mac El Capitan

          -which means that you try to use CS6 and earlier at YOUR risk of having problems

          -you may get CS6 and earlier programs to install and run, or you may not (some do, some don't)

          -Java https://helpx.adobe.com/dreamweaver/kb/dreamweaver-java-se-6-runtime.html may help

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            paiges31195168 Level 1

            Thank you, I do have El Capitan, I will try something different.  I appreciate your help.

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              Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

              Simply stated, as an application program, there is nothing that any Adobe MacOS application can itself do to actually crash the system. These applications run in protected mode as opposed to privileged mode on the processor under MacOS. Yes, the program could conceivably crash, but the OS catches such errors and continues on, typically with a crash message about the application itself.


              Total system crashes and/or freezes normally point to either hardware problems (defective memory, disk, graphics card, etc.), an OS bug, or a driver bug.


              Adobe applications do tend to stress both the hardware and OS much more than other applications due to the complexity of their functionality and their need to use considerable system resources.


              The amount of resources you have in terms of memory and disk would seem perfectly fine. The fact that you indicate that the crashes occur when you have Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign open would point to either an OS or driver problem associated with high loads or perhaps you have an intermittent memory defect that only manifests itself under heavy load.


              My recommendation would be to (1) make sure your OS has all updates applied and (2) if (1) doesn't solve the problem, run extensive memory, motherboard, CPU, and graphics subsystem diagnostics on your system and see whether any issues are found in that process. Lest, you think I'm speculating here, I have actually experienced such issues both on Mac and Windows systems.


                        - Dov

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                paiges31195168 Level 1

                Dov, Thanks for responding.  That is interesting to know as well.  I am very frustrated with my computer and at this point am willing to try anything.  I don't feel like because it is 3 years old and acting up means its "old" and should be replaced.  I don't think it is old in any way and feel like it should be working still.  My narrowing down of programs it happens with, have brought me to adobe.  Apple has hooked it up to their stuff and told me nothing is wrong with my hardware and I have updated everything as well as wiped it clean, back to factory settings and reloaded everything.  I don't plug in anything to it just to be sure it isn't something external causing it and i'm stuck now!  So Thank you for your advice, I will run those diagnostics and go from there.