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    Tween Bug?

    fluffhead92 Level 1
      Here's the scenario: I have a main flash movie that has some buttons and a container. When you click a button, a MovieclipLoader loads an external swf. Both files were originally created with Flash 7 and previously had very little actionscript. Mainly just some stops, gotos and code for a preloader. The swf being loaded previously had some static content and worked fine. Now I want it to load an xml file and fade in some text, but the actionscript tweens don't work. If I play the swf by itself, it works fine. However, when I load it into the main movie the tweens don't work. Right now, for testing purposes, I have the text load with _alpha = 100 and wait a couple frames before the tween script. When the tween script starts everything being tweened disappears. I figure it has something to do with the fact that they were Flash 7, and maybe something isn't being imported right? But even if I publish them as Flash 7, the tweens don't work. I've embeded all the fonts too. Even non-text (images, shapes, etc) won't tween. They just disappear. I've googled this and searched the forums, but I can't find anything. So, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.