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    Typing a character with a subscript and a superscript


      Is it possible for a character to have both a superscript and a subscript? I am a chemist and chemical formulas sometimes have both. I can do it but they need to occupy the same position. For example, I type the formula for bicarbonate ion which is HCO3-. Then I highlight the 3 and make it a subscript. Next I highlight the – and make it a superscript. But the – should be directly above the 3 and using this method, the – is moved over one space. Is there a way to fix this? I am kind of new to InDesign so I do not have the skills to figure this out. This document has many more formulas like this and I sure hope someone can show me how. Next would be a way to make an autocorrect for common formulas so that if I type HCO3- it would autocorrect to the proper format.