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    Accidentally removed photo in Lightroom, which caused all of them to be removed. Is there a way I can retrieve the metadata as to not lose all my editing work?


      I spent 4+ hours editing photos from a photoshoot. And I really don't want to lose the editing work I did. I intended to remove only one photo (from LR only), which I've done successfully before, but somehow after I did it, there were no more photos in the album left. I've never had that happen before. Seems like others have experienced this, after doing some research. Maybe I had all images selected (didn't think I did), or it's an issue with LR.


      Is there any way I can retrieve the metadata & editing work associated with the photos??? I HATE to lose all the hard work I did.


      Unfortunately, I was editing all in one session, so nothing was saved from a previous backup & I closed out of LR soon after this happened thinking the quirk might resolve after a close/reopen. It prompted me to backup, which I did just incase, but that folder still says 0 photos.


      Any help would be appreciated.