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    Interactive crossword via InDesign/Publish Online?




      I'm a crossword composer with dozens of puzzles I'd like to publish for interactive play on desktops and tablets. However, I don't have the budget of several thousands of dollars for an app.


      Does the Adobe suite offer a less expensive way to make my puzzles available? Specifically:


      1) Is it possible to create an interactive crossword using InDesign and Publish Online? (By interactive I mean that each clue text would be grayed out as its corresponding squares are filled in.)


      2) Could a dedicated newbie figure it out in a few weeks of studying Lynda.com's InDesign and Publish Online tutorials?

      InDesign Tutorials | Lynda.com

      Understand the Publish Online platform


      3) If not, how much should I expect to pay a professional to create each puzzle for desktop alone? (Each has a slightly different grid pattern and number of clues.)


      4) What would be the cost range to add interactive play on a tablet alone?


      Thank you!

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Are you creating these crossword puzzles so they can be played for free? Are you expecting to make money from accessing and playing them? There is no way to "monetize" things you publish on Publish Online. There is no real security, and anyone could pass on the link to a crossword puzzle to anyone else.


          I don't know enough about what you're expecting for interactivity for a crossword puzzle. I'd suggest you check out the two best sources of information I know about creating animation in InDesign that could be used in Publish Online. Sandee Cohen's book is one source:


          Creating Animations in Adobe InDesign CC One Step at a Time


          Diane Burns course on Lynda.com is another:


          Creating Animations with Adobe InDesign CC | Lynda.com


          Knowing nothing about you, I have no idea how fast you could learn InDesign and how to create interactivity.


          It sounds like if you're willing to pay professionals, you think you can make money from this venture, but there is no way to do this with  Publish Online. Any published project in Publish Online would be visible on both computer, or tablet, or smartphone. There is no way to limit its use.