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    CC billing problem



      I am having a problem with Adobe's billing which started at 7th May.

      I pay monthly by credit card.  My credit card company had issued me a new card but the monthly payment to Adobe did not go through because of the different card number.

      I then had an Adobe window appear each time I started CC telling me there was an issue with my last payment and it gave "30 Days Remaining" after which CC will stop working.

      I immediately went to "manage my Accounts" and altered the card number. I also viewed my card statement and noticed that the payment to Adobe for the month of May had now been made. So Adobe has the money for the month of May.

      I still get the message whenever I start Lightroom and the days remaining are now down to 9 days.

      On 16th May I  had first contacted Adobe via the Chat line  and they agreed that I have made payment on May 8th 2016 and that they would escalate my case to the relevant team.

      They could only do this by email but they would make sure I was contacted within 2-3 days. That was 5 days ago.

      Meanwhile the days remaining are down to 9.

      I spoke to them again today.

      Today apparently quote,   "Adobe.com and related services are experiencing system maintenance" so they cannot help me.

      I have now spoken to Adobe 3 times. The first 2 times they said that they would contact me within 2-3 days but i never get an answer.


      Has anybody else had this problem? I can't be the first customer who's had to change a card number.


      Is there a telephone number that I can use?


      There is only 9 days left and 3 of those will be weekend/bank holiday here in uk.


      Hope somebody can help.